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Selling a business is a stressful time and as someone who was already pretty stressed, when I decided to sell my company I knew that whoever I chose as my agent would have to be patient, calm, organised and completely professional.

Peter Kiddle of Business Transfer Agents fitted the bill right from the start; from the initial assessment of the business (which he quickly understood) to all negotiations, I knew that I could rely on him at all times. Buyer negotiations can feel quite personal to the business owner, but Peter handled everything for me and delivered daily – and sometimes hourly – progress reports. He guided me through the legal and accountancy minefield and not once did the stressful negotiations affect him – he remained unruffled and professional at all times.

I think that it is fair to say that if it hadn't been for Peter Kiddle and Business Transfer Agent Ltd, the sale of my company wouldn't have happened; he helped me negotiate the best price and the best payment terms, plus the shortest possible consultancy agreement - all important criteria for me.

There is no doubt in my mind that Peter and his team will be hired to sell my next business and I enthusiastically recommend him to any business owner who wants to sell their business quickly, efficiently and for maximum value

Jonathan Jay

IT Training Company

We decided to place our IT training company, dealing with corporate clients of all sizes and specialising in the finance and insurance sectors, on the market. Yet despite the two shareholder directors having a combined business experience of more than eighty years, they had never been in the business of selling a business!

It was a complete but timely coincidence that, a letter arrived from the Business Transfer Agent and an exploratory meeting was set up with Peter Kiddle. Initially, he was almost brutally honest about the state of the business, the prospects for sale and the appropriate level of any asking price. At the same time, he was discreet, friendly and easy to deal & communicate with.

From start to finish, Peter always offered clear and calm advice. He proved a very useful sounding board and responded well to our many questions as well as supporting us through seemingly tricky and potentially stressful negotiations and situations.

When it came to marketing the business, he guided us in the gathering and drafting of the necessary data that went into his well presented marketing documents. We were concerned not to be subjected to a mass mailing or communications exercise and Peter responded well to our desire to market in this limited way. However, he had numerous contacts if required, albeit that the business was eventually sold to an organisation that we were aware of.

Overall, Peter proved to be knowledgeable of the process, the potential difficulties and, crucially, the training sector. An excellent & speedy service was even offered while he was on holiday abroad! All in all, it was refreshing to find a thoroughly nice guy to do business with.

John Duncan

Distance Learning Provider

My company provides complete home study training, is comprehensive, written by experts and designed to provide clear multi-level home study courses. We strictly follow the industry and government-backed examination guidelines.

The company was set up by myself and another publisher and we have since been involved with venture capitalist backed companies and hence made the decision to sell the original business.

I found Business Transfer Agent to be both professional and efficient in their dealings and it helps having someone specialise in the training sector.

Ben Kittow

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