Consultancy in the Training Sector

We are different

We achieve outstanding results within the
training sector; Valuation, Turnaround, Executive
Coaching & Profit Improvement

Selling a Business

Business Valuation & Turnaround


Our approach is holistic and this requires the data to be 'moulded' to secure the maximum value, specifically applied to the training industry.


We understand how stressful it is having a training business in difficulty, we shall work together to find a solution.

Buying a Business

Sales Improvement & Cost Reduction

Sales Improvement

We operate in the training sector, understand it fully, know what works (and what does not), work within sensible sales budgets and are realistic.

Cost Reduction

We only operate within the training sector and know exactly what to analyse to get maximum results with minimal cost.

Our People

Executive Coaching & NED Role

Having achieved outstanding Consultancy results within the training sector Peter Kiddle is looking to develop more Executive Coaching assignments and Non-Executive Director roles.

His experience includes Management and Personal Skills Training Company Development, Acquisition and Mergers, Business Turnaround and Management Consultancy