Consultancy in the Training Sector

Business Valuation & Turnaround

Business Valuation

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Business valuation can only take place once all the financial data is analysed and future opportunities identified, this forms the basis of a standard valuation which will be one aspect of our analysis and report. This, however, does not represent the true value of the business. Our approach to valuation is holistic and this requires the data to be 'moulded' to secure the maximum value, specifically applied to the training industry. This is undertaken during the valuation and assessment which has four outcomes:

  1. Grooming Plan detailing what has to be done, and how, to achieve the highest value valuation
  2. A due diligence process will be undertaken to avoid an inaccurate valuation
  3. Initial valuation
  4. Potential future value based on following the grooming plan

This holistic valuation and assessment typically takes two days; one day at your premises and day two at our office assessing the data, determining the valuation and completing a report and grooming plan.

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Business Turnaround

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Our lead Consultant, Peter Kiddle, has 30 years proven experience as a 'business turnaround agent' and he has achieved outstanding results within the training sector.

Typically we look at all areas of your business to identify the root cause of your problems and determine a strategy to put things right. We use a systematic and structured approach to business turnaround to achieve positive results. Our specialism in the training sector ensures we understand the issues that are unique to the training industry; there is no need for sector familiarisation – we act fast.

Projects range dramatically and by way of example include; taking on the Chairman role of a training company that was in distress, facilitated the purchase of a business from the Administrator, implemented a turnaround strategy, ran a business whilst he organised an MBO by the existing management team; provided consultancy services to ensure a training business increased profitability.

We understand how stressful it is having a business in difficulty, no matter how small or large the problem may seem now, we shall work together to find a solution.

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