Consultancy in the Training Sector

Executive Coaching & NED Role

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Having achieved outstanding Consultancy results within the training sector I am looking to build upon this success and develop more Executive Coaching assignments and Non-Executive Director roles.

I enjoy my Consultancy role focused on the training sector and achieve impressive results for my clients.

My experience includes Management and Personal Skills Training Company Development, Acquisition and Mergers, Business Turnaround and Management Consultancy.

I have over 15 years proven experience building a training business from start-up to 120 staff; fully active in all aspects of the business; strategic direction, finance, operations, sales, marketing and technical; personal success in the sales process including prospecting, tendering, client meetings, 'beauty parades', negotiation, account management and service delivery.

I achieved organic growth and cost reduction each and every year through inspirational leadership and sound management and successfully acquired five ailing companies, transformed their performance and integrated them into the holding company; following 15 years of very profitable trading sold the business to a venture capital firm.

Since the business sale I have ten recent years proven experience as a 'Business Turnaround Agent', Coach and Broker (business transfer agent selling Training Companies for clients).

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