Business Valuation – case study

Business valuation is rarely straightforward! This particular client had two Directors who hated each other and they had managed to agree that the business must be sold hence a valuation was required. It was clear that co-operation between the Directors was 'unlikely' so, following one Director acquiring the whole business based on our valuation, we have worked with the remaining Director to increase the business value ready for sale.

The business value was disappointingly low due to a number of negative issues identified by us during the valuation process; a plan was agreed to resolve the problems, which at the time of the valuation were not known by the Directors, and the Business value has grown rapidly.

Our approach to this valuation was holistic which enabled us to capitalise on the specific positives that apply in the training industry to secure the maximum value rather than traditional accounting based valuation methods; a 30% improvement was realised.

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