Cost Reduction – case study

Can't see the wood for the trees comes to mind. And with the volume of handout material produced by this client there will not be any trees left!

This training company was run by training professionals who only focused on the highest quality training delivery possible, regardless of cost. This may be admirable but profits do need to be made and a commercial perspective needs to be applied.

Our initial evaluation produced enormous cost reduction opportunities by simply analysing standard, rather than training company specific costs. The use of technology was poor with 16 administrators employed duplicating many of the standard processing tasks. Although sad that we facilitated 15 of these administrators being made redundant, the one remaining administrator, after technology implementation and training, took on all 16 roles!

We also evaluated spend in areas including marketing, expenses , insurance, accounting, rent, printing, telephone, professional fees, bank cost, bad debts etc. and found many cost reduction opportunities, all implemented.

We specialise, however, in training company costs such as course materials, associate trainer fee levels, client cancellation exposure, venue costs, eLearning, accreditation costs, couriers etc. This is where considerable cost reductions are usually found and there was no exception here.

Our service is not a cost, it's an investment usually recovered in a matter of weeks or months!

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